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Lessons To Learn From The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel As An Internet Marker

In the 50s women were not supposed to do anything apart from taking care of their kids and watch their body waist, but some brave women did take the stage to do stand-up comedy and make their audience happy. A Jewish middle-class housewife who has gone rogue and against all odds to do stand-up comedy in the show the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is a great example to all the entrepreneurs and marketers undergoing so much struggle to do what they do. As an internet marketer, here are some of the things that you can learn from Mrs. Maisel, so read on the following text and it will help you learn a few things to keep you going despite the great odds you face.

The first lesson that you can take from the first episode of the show is that at times, you just need to take the risks to push your career and it will pay off in measures you can never imagine. At the start Mrs. Maisel was the kind of person that wouldn’t stand up for the comedy, but after her husband leaves her for his secretary, she does the unthinkable of a woman of the 50s, get drunk and bares her soul and breast to meager audience and from the risk she earns her new life as a comic. This kind of risk Mrs. Maisel takes is what you as an internet marketer you should take and it will help you increase your visibility in levels you never thought of.

Mrs. Maisel also teaches that you can’t and will not please everyone on your audience so you just concentrate on the positive side. From the show someone critics Mrs. Maisel as she performs and it helps her know not everyone is meant to be her fan and you can learn this from the real-world example of the ending of game of thrones. If you own a restaurant for fondue and do Facebook ads for restaurants you will only get audience from fondue lovers and not the rest, so learn to stick to what you like and do best and ignore the haters because they are not your customers to please.

Mrs. Maisel choose to be authentic over all the challenges she face from keeping her image from Sophie and she finds reward in that at the end. Your audience wants authenticity in every step of the way, so stop thinking of faking a few things to look good, but admit your faults and improve on them and it will pay off greatly as it did to Mrs. Maisel.